Полезные команды CMD Windows + контекст .BAT файлов

Узнать модель материнской платы из cmd:

wmic baseboard get product,Manufacturer,version,serialnumber


Узнать подробности видимых WiFi сетей:

netsh wlan show networks mode=bssid

Запустить программу из .bat файла с параметрами:<

start "" "c:\program files\Microsoft Virtual PC\Virtual PC.exe" -pc MY-PC -launch
In other words, give it an empty title before the name of the program to fake it out.


Save output to file:

command.name > fileName.txt

Remove text from file:

findstr /v /i /L /c:"Mabrur" text.txt >out.txt

/v means “lines that do not contain
/i means “case-insensitive”.
*all lines containing the /L literal string Mabrur, whether it is as product or some other column, or is part of a longer string will be excluded.