PFSense info

Access console menu from shell:

When you set che checkbox “Password protect the console menu”, you will not see any meny if you log in to pfsense from console.
To execute this meny simply run /etc/rc.initial
By the way if you’re not root, you won’t be able to modify any settings, but, at least you can SEE the current settings of pfsense.

Packets list:

Add nano to PFSense:

– Login as Admin
– pkg add

Add rules to firewall to allow management via HTTPS:

in console: easyrule pass wan tcp XX.XX.XX.XX YY.YY.YY.YY 443

Cycle reboot after panic: ffs_valloc: dup alloc:

– reboot
– choose Single Mode
– run fsck -yf (maybe few times)
– reboot

Allow access to web console from WAN:

Config WAN IP
Get to the CLI (option 8 )
Type “route add default <default-gw-ip>”
Type “pfctl -d” to temporarily disable the packet filter

Prevent DDoS: